NOT Randomly Generated Pixel Art

Season 1 of Junk Drawer the NFT Project by NINETENTWO
Junk Drawer sees how you treat those other drawers, Junk Drawer just wants some attention.

Season 1

NOT randomly generated pixel art
The pixels that make up the contents of each drawer was hand placed by a cursor on a screen by the artist with great care.

25 in all for the first season
25 one of a kind 1:1 NFTs make up the first season of this project. Every drawer and drawer knob an individual color.

Second but First
This is the artists second NFT Project but the first to be listed on a open marketplace to be sold. Associated but not associated with Trading Bot Swap Meet NFT Project by NINETENTWO. It's just what it is! Projects just got to work together to get ahead...


I'll get a portait pic over here soon enough I just need to buy a cool hat first.
Drawer since before I had memory and creator of stuff that makes sense to me and others too sometimes. I have some later on education in cartooning, computer animation, visualization, graphic design, 3D modeling (the VFX kind), carpentry, textiles and other mediums. I'm just going to stop there. I think I'm a nice person and sometimes I get down but still try to move forward and sometimes I fail and sometimes it doesn't really mather.

Not a Team
Just one person behind the art, production, funding, the promotions social handling of stuff, video editing, sound design, imagery, creative support and design of pretty much every thing. Well no, not pretty much... Like "Everything!"

Junk Drawer NFT Project by artist NINETENTWO. Find out more on Twitter Medium Discord Instagram and more to come. (and a bunch more that could be listed) 🙃🙂🙃🙂🥴
While working on another NFT project and burning the midnight oil the artist retired to bed one morning to wake a few hours later with a dwindling vision from a dream. "Junk Drawers, that's my next project!" The artist could not break away from the thought and started to jot down all that was still lingering of the images quickly drifting from conscious perspective.

Time is ticking

Countdown Minus


Head to Marketplace


A little to know about the sale?

What Crypto will I need?
Ethereum or Wethereum
What marketplace will it be lauched on?
This was a hard one to decide but I'm just going to go with Opensea I think, finale decision made at the very latest moment.
What is the floor price?
You'll have to wait and find out, I'll state that before the drop but I'm still trying to drop the price as low as I can go but still have some gains to put towards giveaways, owner benefits and my own work efforts.
Is there unlockable content?
There will be something unlocked but it's not keys to a lambo
What ar e the perks?
You get stuff for purchacing and selling and inclusive access to a discord channel and an app. more to come.
what if I have more questions?
Head over to the associated Discord Server and leave a messege in the inquiries channel.

What DID they say about us? 🙄


Love the humour.
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Great Project

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Can't wait!
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