Product Drop Schedule

Product Drop Schedule

 Introducing Our Product Drop Calendar: Stay Ahead of the Trends 


We are thrilled to announce a new feature on our Great Creations website: a Product Drop Calendar. It's just one more way we're committed to providing our customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Why a Product Drop Calendar? 

We know how disappointing it can be to miss out on a piece you've had your eye on. That's why we've decided to make our release schedule transparent to our customers. With our new Product Drop Calendar, you can plan your purchases ahead of time and ensure you never miss a release.

How It Works 

Our Product Drop Calendar is a schedule of all upcoming product releases. It will include the date and time of each product drop, and a preview of the item, so you can plan your purchases accordingly. This calendar will help you stay informed about our limited-edition pieces, seasonal clothing, and new creations from our talented designers.

Never Miss a Release 

Many of our products are tied to specific seasons, series or editions, meaning once the season, series or edition closes, no more of that particular item will be made or sold. With our new Product Drop Calendar, you'll always be in the know, and have the opportunity to secure the pieces you love before they're gone.


We hope this new feature will enhance your shopping experience and make it easier to keep your wardrobe up-to-date with the latest trends from Great Creations. Check out our Product Drop Calendar today and start planning your next purchase. As always, we appreciate your support and are committed to providing you with unique and high-quality designs.

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